Rubber Band

Hey EveryOne

We are 5 months 2 weeks into the future and 2600% up in followers.

In an early post, I wrote how I felt helpless living inside a rubber band
and what I did to free myself from its grip.
For many months that was true.

In the past two weeks, something had change.
Again I could feel her tightening around me.
Blocking my steps and motion.
She is much smaller this time
I’m bouncing from “side” to “side” uncontrollably.
I must stop.
Stop Ori,

Breath in
Breath out

Allow yourself to slowdown

Breath in
Hold it in for few seconds
Breath out

Allow your body & mind to stop
Sit with your eyes closed
Try to re-connect with your feelings, thoughts and fears.

Breath in
Hold it in for a bit longer
Breath out

What had happen?

The closer I get to my core
The farthest I’m sent out by my fears.
Two weeks ago a sound shutoff my heart and body.
I’m so excited it only took me two weeks to wake up.

Thank you for listening.

Have the best of days &
See you next post

Don’t forget to visit the heart of this project
Choose one small thing and
Do it Stressless, Effortless and out of Love

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