Good Enough

Hey EveryOne

We are 5 weeks into the future and 1200% up in followers.

Most of my life
I wanted to be a Guru.
I wanted millions to follow me.
I wanted to have power.

I told myself that I’ll use that power for the greater good
I told myself that I only want it to help other

Deep down I always knew it was a lie.

I knew all I wanted was to be powerful
to control other people lives
and even to control life itself.

Every kind of tactics I used against it, failed.
My hunger for power Equals my need for love.

These two forces used to control my life
thru a tiny button called:
Not good enough.

47 years after I came to be,
I learned to unconditionally love myself.

In my body, mind and heart I understand now that
I don’t have to own something
I don’t have to be somebody
I don’t have to do anything
To become good enough.

I was born good enough
I will die good enough.

My two forces are still here.
Now, I thank them for doing their best.
For bringing me to this point in my life
where I can take the control back into my own loving hands.
Allowing them (and me) simply to be.

Have the best of days &
See you next post

Don’t forget to visit the heart of this project
Choose one small thing and
Do it Stressless, Effortless and out of Love

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