Hello,مرحبا,γεια σας,こんにちは,Hallå,שלום,ihola

and Welcome to “One Small Thing Project” home page

All changes, large and small must start with a first step.
This project is (mostly) about choosing the right first step for you.
It is also about Curiosity, Future, Together, Love and more.

If you believe (like I do) that:
The Whole is Larger than the Sum of its Parts,
You would see the beauty in this alteration on
Late Neil Armstrong eternal words.

That’s one small thing for a human,
One giant thing for humanity.

You can learn more about this project on the About Page or the Blog.
Else, you can go directly to the heart of this project
and choose from the categories and lists the best first step for you

Whatever you do, choose it with love.
Love to yourself and love to all other things.

I Hope you enjoyed your visit and that you’ll come again.

12 thoughts on “

  1. WOW…………………………………………………….
    U R something Bro and I`m so glad to be your brother
    From today every time i`ll do ONE SMALL THING i`ll think of you and since my day is full of ONE SMALL THINGs, i`ll be thinking of you a lot.
    Love and hugs

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