Two become One

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When with the women I love, I know of two ways to feel satisfied.
Completely and totally satisfied.

The first one I call “Make Sexual Love”.
It involves lust, horniness, passion, sexual energy, sexual organs, orgasms, cuddling and sleep.
It makes the two bodies become one.
It is mainly about giving and getting sexual pleasure.
It is mostly about the body, but also the soul.

The second one I call “Make Intimate Love”.
It involve both of you laying next to each other or sitting facing each other (with or without cloths).
Looking into each other eyes.
Listening to both breathing sounds.
Feeling each others heartbeat.
Sensing each others changes in skin tension.
Smelling each other love pheromones.
It is about understanding each other without words, but also with.
It makes the two souls become one.
It is mainly about lowering all guards and giving yourself completely
It is mostly about the soul. but also the body.

In a relationship, I need both of then to be satisfied.

You can also combine them into “Make Sexual Intimate Love”.
There are those who call’s it Tantra.
I simply call’s it
Two become One.

Have the best of days &
See you next post

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2 thoughts on “Two become One

  1. It’s higher feeling to be in this place…two souls become one…and to feel love with sex it’s better … but the moment before with the passion, sexual energy is WOW…I must admit I also need both of them… ♥

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