Here we go

Hey Everyone

For many years I had a dream of change.
Whenever I tried to make it into reality, I failed.
This time I didn’t try to and this project realized in my head by itself.

Now, I’m a click away from sending it out to the world.
On one hand I’m panicking
My heart is running wild, butterflies are flapping their wings in my stomach and my legs take slow steps
On the other I’m calm
My mind is sure of oneself and the path I took, my eyes are focused on the target and my hands know what to do.
In the middle there is ME
Thanking both my end’s for showing me what I feel and think.
Allowing me to make the best choice for ME.

What will be the outcome of this initiative I do not know.
It depends on so many unknown factors.
I hope I’ll have enough courage and love to “push” it
I hope you who read’s this will like it and decide to take an active part by:
Choosing one small thing to do or Sharing your small ideas.
Writing comments, Emails or Sharing this project with your friends and family
Following the blog or Choosing to leave.

I must tell you that until now this journey was
Awesome and I had the best time of my life setting it up.
I set my hopes at 100,000,000 and then some more.
See you next post

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