7 days after

Hey Everyone

A week passed.
A week of mixed emotions and actions.

Like every proud parent, I too expected everyone to love my baby.
Like every parent I too learned that there are
Those who do and those who don’t.

At times, it was hard to look at the numbers
To see that less than I expected came
Even less left a mark and just a handful decided to come back.

The rest of the time was amazing
Friends, family and people I don’t know came.
Came to look, compliment, appreciate and share their thoughts.

One of my best friends share this “One small thing” with me,
and I’m happy to share it with you.

Free to All

When I was younger I used to like and run “Short distances”.
Growing up made me realize that immediate satisfaction and results,
are (in most cases) good for athletic stadiums.

With each passing day
I learn more and more.
I change.
I grow.
I look and aim further.
But most of all
I enjoy
See you next post

Don’t forget to visit the heart of this project
Choose one small thing and
Do it Stressless, Effortless and out of Love

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