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Hey EveryOne

My name is Ori, I’m 47 and happy
I love to sing (out of tune most of the time), dance, paint, think, write and more
But most of all I love to wake up in the morning and breath in the opportunities lay ahead in the coming day.

For the major part of my life, I used to see the empty part of the cup.
Today after a long journey with ups and downs I reached a place where
I see the cup
I see the full part
I see the potential to fill

In my journey I “found” many phrases, some accompanied me for long.
Others came and left quickly. The one that stayed the most is:
Change is Constant

About the Project

One Small Thing Project is a door I open for me and others to go thru.
It’s a place where I reach out my hands and you choose if and what to take or give.

We all know that a handful of dedicated people can make a big difference.
Just imagine what 100,000,000 people Each doing one small thing can achieve.

For many years the common belief was “We can go on doing it forever”
Today we know better

This project rose from that knowledge and the understanding of change process.
In order to make the changes last and be less stressful as possible
They must be done with love, (even) one at a time and bring joy.

When choosing a small thing, it’s up to you to decide the frequency.
It should be stressless, effortless and out of love.

If you like this project, you can follow it on the blog.
You can also share it with your friends and family or press the “like” button.
Think of more small things and categories? write comments or emails

What ever you choose, remember


2 thoughts on “About Page

  1. Dear Ori,
    I like your initiative, I am very sure that its contribution.
    Very pleasant read the content they wrote.
    Giving is significant value to all of us as a company and enables better.
    Where there is love there is everything.
    A big hug, and good luck, sigal

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