Wednesday Evening

Hey EveryOne

I was there at 19:30 as agreed.
I was the only one there.
I called the teacher and woke him up.
10 minutes later came another student.
He was angry the teacher is late.
10 more minutes pass and the teacher came.
His eyes were still half closed.
We all agreed that 3 is not enough.
The teacher called another student.
She didn’t answer.
One quick coffee and we go home? asked the teacher.
We silently agreed.
Half way down the cup she came, apologizing.
Shall we do it? asked the teacher.
We happily agreed.
They arranged their chairs in half circle
sitting on them each with his/her drawing paper.
I took my clothes off stood in the middle
and became their muse.

Have the best of days &
See you next post

Don’t forget to visit the heart of this project
Choose one small thing and
Do it Stressless, Effortless and out of Love

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