Hey EveryOne

A po20151107_122410st on Ants

A week ago I participated in a conversation on ants
and how to deal with them in the writers kitchen.
There where lots of loving thoughts & amazing ideas.

Hovering above, was this annoying feeling that if all will fail
we’ll be forced to take extreme actions.
Not that we want to, but unless they accept our terms.
We’ll have no choice but to gas them, wash them, sweep them, fence them or do everything in our power to protect our way of life

Why do we think that?
Is it that the difference in sizes and abilities allow us too?
What would life look like without these options?
Can we imagine a world in which “my house” is not a concept?
That “my way of life” is actually our way of life together?
What amazing new ideas would we come out with
when abusing that difference in sizes would be impossible.

What would life be when we wouldn’t even see a difference?

Have the best of days &
See you next post


Don’t forget to visit the heart of this project
Choose one small thing and
Do it Stressless, Effortless and out of Love

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